7in7 Interview Series: The Rising Fandom & Value of Esports & Sponsorship


Get ready for a thrilling 7in7 interview about esports ––one of the hottest topics in the sponsorship industry!

Sponsorship Mastery Founder Paula Beadle is joined by Rebecca Longawa, Founder of the esports consultancy firm Happy Warrior, to illuminate us on the future of esports and sponsorship. Rebecca helps pro esports teams monetize their organization through brand partnerships and growth strategies. She also works with creative and media agencies to bring their brand accounts into the esports ecosystem with authenticity and credibility.

Additionally, Rebecca is an Advisor and Mentor for three global esports-technology VC firms and an Advisory Board Member for a number of sports technology and esports startups. She is the creator and host of “The Future of Marketing in Esports” podcast on The Futuri Network and is a moderator in multiple Clubhouse rooms covering Esports101, Esports Marketing and Health & Wellness in Esports. Impressive!

Rebecca brings her energy and expertise to give 7in7 viewers a whirlwind crash course in what is emerging in esports and sponsorship. Check out the sneak peek of her insights below.

1. Now is the Time to Plan

Whether an esports newcomer or long-term investor, brands are looking ahead at their strategy for esports sponsorships. Not only are they looking at how to maximize their dollars, but they are thinking big about revolutionizing their engagements and partnerships.

2. Out with the Old, In with the New

Old-school marketing tactics are not going to fly with esports consumers. They are more innovative and sales adverse than any previous generation. Marketing strategies have to resonate with the audience in authentic and credible ways.

3. Know Thy Gamer

The perception of a “gamer” has been, and continues to be, dramatically misunderstood. The new generation of gamers are vastly different than brands or the public may presume. Rebecca shares key demographics and insights about contemporary gamers.

4. The Biggest Unkept Secret

According to Rebecca, esports consumers are some of the most undervalued and under-acknowledged in the industry. The potential for monetization is massive, and the lack of industry interest is mind blowing.

5. Welcome to the Community

Esports sponsorship opportunities are more than just another closed deal – they are an investment in a community they can listen to, engage closely, and develop more meaningful connections with.

6. A New Way of Communicating

According to Rebecca, shifting from a sports marketing strategy to a digital marketing strategy, will better position sponsors to reach consumers.

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