7in7 Interview: Current Trends to Keep You on the Cutting Edge

The latest 7in7 interview features SponsorPitch Founder Kris Mathis. After recognizing a serious gap in the marketplace, Kris developed SponsorPitch, a fully automated online recommendation platform for the $50+ billion business of sponsorships. SponsorPitch is the industry’s largest deal database and helps over 60,000 members find the right partners, faster. The platform has expanded its services to members to even include sponsorship training through none other than Sponsorship Mastery!

Kris joins Paula Beadle for a conversation about deals, trends and how sponsorship marketers can step up their selling game with more targeted and informed insights.

Read more about his 7 insights below and watch the interview for even more information.

  1. Authenticity remains at the heart of sponsorship

Even though sponsorship deals are evolving, the core of the sponsorship deal still lays within meeting the objectives of sponsor and the event or property. Or in the case of the example Paula and Kris discussed: celebrity sponsorships.

  1. Get ready for real-time

Being able to provide real-time measurement will be a new expectation between sponsors and properties. This means staying on top of what’s working —and not working. Having the flexibility to make adjustments will be key.

  1. Collaboration is the new transactional model

Gone are the days of exchanging a lump sum for a menu of benefits. Brands are seeking opportunities to invest not just their dollars, but their time, energy and creativity. Opportunities that put these staples at the forefront are well-positioned to land and keep sponsors on board and engaged.

  1. Think outside the category box

By using resources like SponsorPitch, you can deep-dive into ideal sponsor prospects for your event or property. Learn who is spending and what categories are emerging so you can creatively seek partners that are the right fit. Researching and seeking the right sponsor can be a fast track to a new sponsorship.

  1. ‘Tis the season of experiences

In-person events are back, and sponsors are craving opportunities to engage with consumers. Deliberately creating activation experiences that create authentic connections between your audience and your sponsors is a winning strategy.

  1. Time to diversify your assets

Now is the time to get aggressive and capitalize on the window of opportunity to provide your sponsors with meaningful assets. Consider expanding assets over the length of a year, not just during a single event. Giving your sponsors expanded exposure and diverse assets is going to help you stand out amongst the fierce competition for sponsorship dollars.

  1. Preparation is king

Closing a deal requires being equipped with relevant information. Know your sponsors inside and out, including past sponsorship spending, current initiatives and partners, and the decision-makers. SponsorPitch is an ideal source for this. Learn more at sponsorpitch.com



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