7in7 Interview: Getting Back in the Sponsorship Saddle

The latest 7in7 is jam-packed and downright brimming with insights by industry trailblazer Amber Burda from Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Burda has led an amazing career building strong relationships from both sides of the sponsorship table. Now, as Executive Director of Sponsorship, Business & Corporate Development, Burda continues to navigate the shifting tides of sponsorship masterfully.

We are thrilled to welcome Amber Burda to the 2021 Sponsorship Mastery Summit lineup! Amber brings her grit, energy and decades of experience to the sponsorship industry’s leading event September 22 – 24, 2021. Learn more about Amber and all the incredible speakers and session here and register before September 17th to reserve your spot!

Watch the full interview, and take a look at her key insights below.

  1. Time to pull up the bootstraps

Negotiating sponsorship deals right now is a balancing act. Many are treading lightly with spending and decision making, while others are enthusiastic about the opportunity to expand their marketing efforts through a smart sponsorship strategy. Regardless of what you expect the outcome to be, you must forge ahead.

  1. The new 360 approach

Events and properties have the unique opportunity to reimagine how they can best serve their sponsors. For many, that means taking a step back from standalone event sponsorships and taking a broader approach where sponsors are integrated into more events over extended periods, with even more creative assets.

  1. Fewer, bigger, better

Brands are strategically evaluating what it means to be a sponsor. What is a key element of this evolution? More intentional partnerships, which means they are spending more money on fewer sponsorships.

  1. Rising to the occasion

What does it mean to be a best-in-class partner? Watch the full interview to hear Amber share a recent example of a sponsorship relationship that exceeded all expectations and truly exemplified a true partnership.

  1. Relatability means relationship

One of Amber’s keys to success is how she relates to her sponsors. This comes from experience buying sponsorships during her time at Mattress Firm and experiencing the effects when events or properties refused to listen and understand what she was seeking.

  1. Be a good partner

Honesty is the cornerstone of any good relationship. This goes equally for the relationships with your partners, too. Build trust by being transparent and communicating with them.

  1. Take a journey together

Sponsors don’t want to go for a quick ride then be dropped off at the corner once the deal is signed. They want to go for a once in a lifetime journey, filled with surprises and possibilities, where you are in the driver seat, and they are the passenger. To accomplish this, you must empathize, comprehend, listen to what they want —and what journey they want to take.


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