7in7 Interview: High Performance Insights for Sponsorship Marketers

Sponsorship and sports are both a passion and profession for 7in7 Guest Expert David Perry. David is the Senior Vice President, Integrated Sponsorships at Pac-12 Networks. He has over twenty years of experience working for professional sports teams (NBA and NFL) along with major publishing and broadcast companies. David holds mastery level experience driving revenue, leading sales teams, negotiating deals and so much more.

David will be bringing his mastery level expertise to the upcoming Sponsorship Mastery Summit this September 22 – 24, 2021. During his session Building and Leading High Performance Sales Teams, David will speak about the tools and ingredients needed to become a strong leader and build a high performing sales team.

Watch the interview for a sneak peek and timely insights.

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  1. Surround yourself with excellence

When you have a high-octane team, it doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, in the field, or at an office. David shares how his team has advanced and thrived despite not being in a traditional sales environment. Approaching work with a curious mind is key to that success.

  1. The human approach

A fundamental shift for sponsorship marketers has been finding new ways to connect with partners. This means diving deeper into making personal and deeply thoughtful connections. Pay attention to your partner’s interests, passions, projects —even those outside of work.

  1. Changing Currency of Sponsorship

As rights holders are evaluating years or decades old contracts, it is imperative to take stock in how the “currency of sponsorship,” as David calls it, has evolved. He explores this idea further and explicitly discusses how digital assets play an important role.

  1. It all comes back to custom

Top of mind for David is exploring the value of creating custom content that blends both the brand and event or property. Mastering how to curate custom content enables you to connect products and services in a way that authentically speakers to your fans and audience.

  1. Radiate possibility and positivity

Keep it fun! Your passion and personality can fuel the momentum of a relationship with your sponsors. If sponsorship decision makers see that you’re having a good time, if they can feel your passion, and if they can intuit your belief in the success of the opportunity, they will believe in your ability to elevate their brand and the outcomes they’re looking for.

  1. Believe in the power of partnership

The fact is, if you don’t own it and you don’t believe it, sponsorship marketing is going to be tough. If you allow yourself to believe in the potential for greatness, the process and experience become limitless.

  1. High Performance Future

What comes to mind when thinking about leading and creating a strong sales team? What does it mean beyond “team” and “teamwork”? David gives a quick sneak peek of his upcoming Sponsorship Mastery Summit session.


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