7in7 Interview: Sponsorship Strategies that are Driving Local & Global Impact

In a jam-packed and “thrilling” 7in7, we hear from an industry trailblazer who is leading the way in developing winning strategies that have a local and global impact.

Joining 7in7 is Alison Tyson, Nissan Australia’s Senior Manager of Brand & Sponsorship. For over 15 years, Alison has worked with iconic global brands like Target, Telstra, McDonald’s, and now Nissan. Alison oversees Nissan Australia’s full sponsorship portfolio of global and local properties. Automotive is a complex, cluttered and diverse industry both in Australia and around the world, and one that she finds incredibly interesting to work within every day.

Alison and the Nissan team are leading the way in developing diverse and inclusive partnerships, driving partnership results in one of the most competitive automotive markets in the world, and leveraging partnerships to tell their authentic story.

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