7in7 Interview: The Intersection of Science, Sponsorship & Solutions

In this 7in7 we explore the powerful, science-based partnerships of the iconic company 3M. Joining Paula Beadle is 3M Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy, Collin Hummel. Collin and Paula discuss how 3M is revolutionizing sponsorship and driving results through science.


Collin Hummel has a long history of delivering insight-based solutions for iconic brands and driving substantial business results. Collin has helped companies such as Best Buy, US Bank, Thomson Reuters, and now, 3M, connect with audiences through brand design and storytelling. By weaving words, images and experiences into cohesive narratives, he has delivered sustained results in terms of audience engagement and brand-metric delivery. Most recently, Collin has developed and overseen 3M’s approach to Partnership execution, helping to share the breadth – and impact – of 3M’s solutions in relevant ways to a variety of targeted audiences.


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