5 Trending Topics to Expect at the 2022 Sponsorship Mastery Summit

In our business, knowledge is everything. Our intelligence-hungry industry has an insatiable appetite. In our quest for success and competitive advantage, relevant and accurate information is the breakfast of champions. But it’s not just information about what is happening now, it is understanding where our industry is headed and being a part of the conversation.  

The Sponsorship Mastery Summit is the only sponsorship conference this year and the place where the future of sponsorship will be shaped. At the Summit, sponsorship industry leaders will participate in lively and in-depth conversations about the most relevant topics. We will break down the biggest deals and most innovative activations. We will explore partnerships with purpose and examine transparent valuations. We will dive into the formidable rise in esports and the technologies that are transforming sponsorship. We will reveal how high-performing teams adapt to the ever-changing landscape and so much more.

At every session, attendees will advance industry knowledge, uncover new opportunities and foster new connections. Here is a sneak peek of some of the cutting-edge topics we will cover!

Partnerships with Purpose 

More than ever before, brands are seeking opportunities to positively impact their communities and support social issues. Brands are taking powerful positions and using sponsorship as a vehicle. The Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle is a leading example of how innovation, sustainability and partnerships forge together for a greater purpose. The Climate Pledge Arena is one of the most progressive, responsible and sustainable arenas in the world. Panelists, including Jeff Webster from Seattle Kraken & Oak View Group and Mike McCann from Amazon, will share their insights about their powerful partnership and why sponsorship is the best platform to connect, support and deliver positive social initiatives.

How Crypto is Stratospherically Shifting Sponsorship 

About $17 million was spent on crypto sports sponsorships in 2020. The number exploded to over $605 million in 2021. The market is growing at an exponential rate and the buzz about crypto and sponsorship is almost deafening. We are diving into the record-breaking deals, the major players, and what the future looks like for sponsorships. We will feature top industry leaders who will share their insights on what it takes to create a bullseye partnership and stay ahead of the Crypto curve. 

The Rise of Esports 

Traditional marketing falls flat with esports consumers. They just don’t respond to traditional sports and entertainment. They are more sales resistant than any previous generation. While gamers, mostly millennials and Generation Z’s, are a challenging segment, they represent a massive potential for monetization. Our industry cannot afford to ignore them. Working to comprehend what moves them will benefit the brands that make the effort to engage them on their terms. Esports pioneer, Wim Stocks from Belong Gaming & Vindex, will dive into all-things esports, including trends, best-in-class examples, effective partnership strategies and what is on the horizon for esports. 

>> Watch Wim’s recent 7in7 interview for a sneak peek HERE

Innovative Activations 

The best activation ideas improve the audience experience and creatively solve problems. No one can speak to this better than Scott McNearney from SXSW. Year over year, SXSW collaborates with global brands to create bold, innovative ideas that engage audiences and leave a lasting impression. SXSW sets the gold standard for being on the cutting-edge of activations. How do they do it? Find out during Scott’s session!

Technologies Transforming Sponsorship

Harnessing the power of technology in today’s sponsorship landscape is critical. Technology is being used for everything from elevating fan engagement and measuring partnership ROI to creating data-driven partnerships and even building efficiencies in the sales process. Technology is at the center of our world. Learn what technologies are most effective, innovative, and will accelerate growth from the industry’s top experts. They will share how leveraging technology can revolutionize how you approach sponsorships.  

These are just a few of the invaluable topics attendees will hear about at the 4th Annual Sponsorship Mastery Summit in Seattle, September 28-30, 2022. Registration is limited to only 300 attendees. Reserve your place now and come prepared for game-changing opportunities to learn, connect, exchange ideas and shape the future of sponsorship.